Classic Araceae Studies Translated

This webpage is for uploading and making available translations of parts or wholes of classic texts relevant to Araceae systematics, including historical material. The translations that I am posting are not intended to be polished work, but only to be sufficient for wider understanding. I urge any native speakers to make necessary corrections and there will certainly be numerous errors of style and probably also of meaning (although hopefully not too many of the latter).

Simon Mayo, 28 March 2010.

6th April 2010. Today I uploaded a translation of Harald Riedl's (1965) German language biography of H.W. Schott, which is considerably more detailed than his Taxon paper on the same subject. Simon Mayo.

26 March 2011. Today I uploaded an English translation of :-Engler, A. 1884. Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Araceae V.  12. Über den Entwicklungsgang in der Familie der Araceen und über die Blütenmorphologie derselben. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 5: 141 – 188, 287 – 336. Taf. I – V.  Simon Mayo.

25 June 2011. Today I uploaded a translation which is a good example of Engler’s earlier style of phylogenetic explanation, which seems to rely more on Haeckel’s monophyletic viewpoint than Nägeli’s polyphyletic concept. It is from a passage from his 1881 study of Anacardiaceae systematics and evolution that accompanies and explains a remarkable dendrogram,  itself seemingly a forerunner of W.H. Wagner’s (Wagner 1980) groundplan divergence dendrograms (Engler 1881: 398 – 401, plate IV).  Simon Mayo.

27 June 2011. Today's upload is an English translation of Engler's 1876 Araceae classification, replacing my earlier translation of just the Foreword.  Simon Mayo.


Engler 1879 Review of Aroideae Maximilianae.doc

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